Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Worldwide Common Core

The introduction of the idea of the Common Core a couple of years ago has certainly added some juice into the education field.  It's something like a booster shot that was long overdue.  But how big is that field now?  Statewide?  Countrywide?  Worldwide??  Well, worldwide may be a stretch, but it certainly has the power to make it there, if it hasn't already.

Let me explain.

The new CCSS, which is slated to go full speed ahead in 2014, has done one amazing and positive thing:  collaboration on a worldwide scale.  Likewise, services like Common Core Questions which has created beautiful novel-study assessments for teachers and web services like TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) has opened to the door to a level of collaboration between teachers never seen before.  Throw in Twitter's ability to get the word out and the numerous other educational organizations out there and you have a recipe for greatness.  Why?  Why not??  Teachers from educational power-house states like New York, Massachusetts, and California are now teaming up with talented teachers from 40-something other states who have signed on to the new CCSS.  Add a sprinkle of the world education market like England, Finland, and Japan, and magic, there is something amazing brewing.  

Personally, I just started to venture into TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) to see what was types of CCSS aligned projects and lessons were out there and to see how much CCSS collaboration is truly taking place -- and let me tell you -- it's booming.  Being in the education arena, I am fully aware of what the Common Core is and it's purpose.  That said, I started to create Common Core aligned (and technology-infused) lessons and projects to post and within hours, I had my first sale.  But it wasn't so much the sale that I was looking for.  It was the amount of fantastic material that is out there that I was interested in seeing.  TpT has over 81,000+ (and growing) free items on it's site...some of which are highly aligned to the CCSS.  Of course, you have to do some searching, but they certainly do exist.  And then there is the great stuff you can pay for - well worth it for the teacher who isn't totally clear as to the language and formats of the CCSS; not to mention what a time-saver it is for those teachers who lead a hectic life! 

The Common Core isn't a fad that will just disappear like past educational ideas.  Will it look the same a year from now...or five years from now?...probably not...but the basic foundation and idea of college and career readiness is something that we will be focused on from here on out.  And just like how the internet and technology has brought the world closer than ever before, so shall the ability for teachers worldwide to collaborate and share ideas, lessons, and projects unlike any time period before.  Educators are doing great things, I can see it already...and we haven't even officially begun.

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  1. Insane.
    Child slavery to the "state" is the child excels. Those with tendencies to do better, will have their wings clipped. It is total control.
    But isn't that also the New York way, these days?
    And teachers? The same.
    How dare they!